About CHNA


The China BioPharma ETF


About the Fund

The China BioPharma ETF offers exposure to a basket of companies powering China's biopharmaceutical industry. With a long-term goal of steering its economy towards innovation, China aims be a global leader in medicine. CHNA seeks to invest in this opportunity with the convenience of one security that trades in the United States. It invests in pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, drug manufacturers, diagnostics companies, wholesalers, distributors, and service providers that have a strategic focus in growing China's drug industry.


Investment Rationale

Biopharmaceutical companies in China are trying to be industry leaders both domestically and on a global stage. Recent reforms put in place by the China National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) are modernizing the industry in China while rising standards of living are putting innovative medicines within reach of more patients in the region. At the same time, quality science and significant investment in research and development by Chinese companies are producing new medicines with global implications. The Chinese government has also targeted pharmaceuticals as an innovative industry to support through its "Made in China 2025" program. These factors may position China's biopharmaceutical industry for growth in the future.

Global Exposure in One Security

Gaining exposure to foreign securities and industries can be difficult for some investors. Market access issues, trading hours, and cost can all be factors that turn many away. CHNA, on the other hand, offers exposure to China's biopharmaceutical industry in one security that trades on Nasdaq during U.S. market hours. Our ETF holds companies that trade either on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange or Nasdaq. All in the convenience of one fund.