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Our ETFs focus on precise investment opportunities in medicine. They are the CNCR Immunotherapy ETF and the CHNA BioPharma ETF. Both are proudly listed on Nasdaq.

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Precision Medicine Meets Precision Investing

Precise Investment Opportunities

Biotechnology innovation matters. Whether it is a cure for hepatitis C, new advances in cancer care, or progress against rare and debilitating diseases like cystic fibrosis, patients around the world are benefiting from unprecedented innovation that the biotech industry is delivering.

Much of this can be attributed to precision medicine. As the practice of medicine has advanced, it has also become more precise. Genetic sequencing and a greater understanding of disease at the cellular and molecular level has allowed researchers to target an area of focus with precision.

Our ETFs takes the same approach to investing. We specialize in creating precise investment opportunities that more closely match specific investor focuses. As the practice of medicine becomes more precise, so can the way you invest in it through ETFs.


Precision Medicine Meets Precision Investing

Dedicated to Making an Impact

The CNCR Immunotherapy ETF aims to make an impact by focusing on the transformational field of cancer immunotherapy. By developing immunotherapies that are more effective than traditional medicines and may deliver a better quality of life, innovative immunotherapy companies may be making a difference for courageous patients who battle cancer. It is our hope that focusing on immunotherapy in this way will drive more awareness and investment in their direction while giving investors exposure to one of the most innovative segments within the biotech industry.

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Precision Medicine Meets Precision Investing

Offering Distinct Regional Exposure

The CHNA BioPharma ETF aims to give investors unique exposure to a region of the world where the biopharmaceutical sector is going through significant change. With a long-term goal of steering its economy towards innovation, China hopes be a future leader in global medicine. Many Chinese biopharmaceutical companies today are focused on developing innovative new therapies that may make a difference for patients worldwide. Our ETF gives investors a front row seat to this transformation from the convenience of one security that trades in the United States.

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