CNCR Summary

The Cancer Immunotherapy ETF

ETF Information as of 11/15/2018

ETF Summary

ETF Info
Primary Exchange NASDAQ
Ticker CNCR
Index Symbol LCINDX
Index Provider Loncar Investments, LLC
Index Calculator Indxx, LLC
CUSIP 26922A826
Net Assets $45,647,165.22
Shares Outstanding 2,200,000
Number of Holdings 26
Weighting Equal-Weighted
Rebalanced Semi-Annually
Reconstituted Semi-Annually
Fund Inception Date 10/13/15
Management Fee 0.79%
Gross Expense Ratio 0.79%
Net Asset Value $20.75
Daily Change
Market Price
Closing Price $20.70
Daily Change $0.32
Premium Discount
NAV $20.75
Mid-Point $20.70
Premium/Discount -0.24%
Ex-Date 12/28/2017
Record Date 12/29/2017
Payable Date 1/2/2018
Amount $0.35019938
Short-Term Capital Gains N/A

The fund's investment in securities that are less actively traded or over time experience decreased trading volume may affect adversely the fund's ability to make dividend distributions.