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Get to Know the Company: Adaptimmune

March 13, 2017

James Noble, CEO of Adaptimmune, describes in his own words how his company is using immunotherapy in the fight against cancer.

Today we are publishing the first in a series of video interviews called Get to Know the Company. The goal of this project is to give visitors a better understanding of the Cancer Immunotherapy ETF’s components and the important work these companies do. There are currently 30 companies in our ETF basket, and each brings a unique perspective to cancer research.

The first interview today is with the CEO of Adaptimmune, James Noble. You will hear Mr. Noble describe how Adaptimmune aims to enhance the body’s own immune system so that it can better recognize cancer, what the company has ahead in the coming years, and how support from investors like the Cancer Immunotherapy ETF helps them do this important work.

“I don’t think anything could be more exciting than trying to have a major effect on cancer patients. It’s obviously a terrible disease for many people and to try to do something worthwhile in that arena, it should get anybody up. It’s a privilege, to be honest, to be involved in such an exciting field.”

— James Noble
CEO, Adaptimmune

The CNCR Immunotherapy ETF is thrilled to support innovative companies like Adaptimmune and we wish them the best as they try to make a difference for courageous cancer patients.

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