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Get to Know the Company: Advaxis

April 17, 2017

Dan O’Connor, CEO of Advaxis, describes in his own words how his company is using immunotherapy in the fight against cancer.

Today we are publishing the second in a series of video interviews called Get to Know the Company. These videos are meant to bring to life the component companies of the Cancer Immunotherapy ETF. They allow visitors to hear straight from the CEO about each company’s particular method of harnessing the immune system to treat cancer.

Today’s interview is with the CEO of Advaxis, Dan O’Connor. You will hear Mr. O’Connor describe how Advaxis uses bacteria to prompt the immune system to locate tumors, how this approach might be able to target each patient’s unique cancer, and why he believes support from investors like the Cancer Immunotherapy ETF is important to the success of the company.

“Cancer is an individualized disease. Each patient’s tumor is different than another patient’s. Our technology lends itself towards treating a patient’s individualized antigens that are discreet and personal to that patient.”

— Dan O’Connor
CEO, Advaxis

The CNCR Immunotherapy ETF is pleased to support innovative companies like Advaxis and we wish Dan and his team the best as they try to develop new therapies for patients.

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